Terms of Service

Throughout Vipsmo.com, which Likeswise LTD operates, the terms "we," "our," and "us" call Vipsmo.

Company number: 133089564

Address: 71-75, Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ, UNITED KINGDOM

Site name: Vipsmo

Address: https://www.vipsmo.com

Welcome to Vipsmo, the best SMM API provider panel. This agreement concern all users of Vipsmo. By logging in to Vipsmo or submitting an order with our website, you acknowledge all terms of service listed below, whether you have read them. 


These terms of service are subject to change without notice. Before placing an order, you are expected to read the full terms of service to ensure that you are aware of any amendments that have been made.

You will use the Vipsmo website by all agreements made in other social media applications' own "Terms of Service" pages.


  1. You can use Vipsmo services to increase your social media statistics and to make your accounts look popular. People who encounter your account will be influenced by the appearance of your account. It is entirely at their discretion for new followers to engage with you. Vipsmo is only obligated to provide what you purchase. Vipsmo does not warrant those new followers will engage with you.
  2. Vipsmo may change the prices of services at any time without notice. In the event of price changes, the terms remain in force.
  3. Vipsmo works hard to ensure that our resellers and providers deliver what is expected of us. In this case, we reserve the right to change a type of service if we deem it necessary to complete an order.
  4. Vipsmo does not guarantee the delivery time for a service. Due to the nature of the industry, it shows the best estimate of when the order will be delivered.
  5. You are aware that by placing an order with Vipsmo, it's spending to run your social media advertising on third-party websites.
  6. You may not use our services for any unlawful purpose. You may not break any laws in your scope of authority in using the service, including copyright laws.

Limitation of Liability

Any user of Vipsmo accepts not to hold Vipsmo or anyone related to Vipsmo accountable, under any conditions, for any claim relating to falling foul of the terms or conditions of this agreement. User expressly accepts not to make Vipsmo or anyone in connection with Vipsmo liable for any minor loss, extensive or irreparable damage of any kind that may happen while using Vipsmo.

Confidential Data

Vipsmo utilizes the inputs you provide to process your order. This data you provide can also be used on purpose to notify you regarding the following;

  • Discount codes,
  • Announcements,
  • Reporting user-error such as typos.

Vipsmo will never share your personal information with a third party.

Refund Policy

You can contact us 24/7 for your refund requests by creating a ticket on our site. Our customer service team will get back to you within 0-12 hours.

It will be sufficient to state that you are requesting a refund with a sentence stating the reason. If there is, we would like to know our defect and correct it. If the problem persists, your unexpended balance will be refunded unconditionally. Please note that we do not provide refunds for your expended balance.